What did you do on your summer vacation Mr. Ski Resort?

sunburst-six-trail-heatheMost ski resorts take a breather come summer, the hectic mayhem of winter skiers and crisis ceases and things slow way down. Well not so at Okemo. While Okemo’s 7 ziplines are humming and the Timber Ripper Mountain Coaster is racing down the grassy slopes at Jackson Gore, a sparkling new ski lift is on order.

By winter 2014-15, Okemo Mountain Resort will have installed a brand new six-passenger high-speed chair with heated seats and a cool orange bubble cover. I guess Orange is the new Black. The stylish new Poma lift will replace the Northstar Express quad, a key lift at this popular Vermont ski resort, that delivers skiers and riders from mid mountain to the summit and accesses the majority of Okemo’s pleasant ski terrain to the Sunny side and over to Jackson Gore. This six passenger heated covered Poma chair is the first lift of its kind in North America, and will provide a swift ride up 1,670′ vertical in 6.4 minutes, in the cozy comfort of heated seats with an optional bubble cover to keep up the winter elements.

Okemo has always invested in itself, the Mueller family has operated the Ludlow ski area for over 30 years. Okemo has a powerful snowmaking, modern efficient lifts, loads of slopeside condos and lodging,  and some of the best on-mountain food in New England. Just last ski season, Okemo’s snowmaking, dubbed Operation Snowburst, was  upgraded to 1,025 HKD snowmaking guns and now pumps 7,000 gallon per minute pumping power allowing the resort to open tremendous terrain at moderate temperatures. Because of Okemo’s attention to detail, always upgrading and growing, I enjoy skiing here every season. Honestly, I love Okemo’s on mountain cuisine too – some of the best ski area dining in New England, the country for that matter. Who else serves slopeside Bison Burgers, Duck Quesadillas, Vermont beer braised short ribs…really!?

I for one am stoked to sit on the six pack, enjoy the warmth of heat on my ski bum and tired quads, pulling down the bubble for a respite from wind and snow for those brief but bright orange 6- minutes as we ascend back up to Okemo’s mountaintop for another run down World Cup, Defiance or Giant Killer .

Something for me and my ski friends to dream about on these dog days of summer…it won’t’ last forever. Winter is coming and I’ll be coming to Okemo to hit the six pack!

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