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Is your kid a Rippin' Rider?

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When my kids were younger, they were rippin’ riders. Yes, they were great little skiers, but they also participated in the Rippin’ Riders program and got brand new ski gear - free. Really! Your kids can too, you just need to sign up for the Rippin’ Riders Kids Testing Team. It’s free, and the kids are testing next year’s gear. Cool stuff.

My son got skis, snow shoes and snow sneakers to sample – which was great fun for him. Our daughter got ski gloves and an adorable girl’s jacket to wear. She loved modeling next year’s apparel and having a photo shoot in her wannabe wardrobe. It became a family affair; my husband took action photos of the kids testing their gear. The kids felt like they had an important task to complete and they took it pretty seriously. As mom, I had to remind them of the written review requirement, but once the realized that their opinion mattered – they got excited about describing how they liked the products they tested (in a sentence or two).

My daughter was thrilled when the following year the ski clothing manufacturer made the jacket in the color she suggested. Coincidence or little customer input? Who knows…but it made our little ski fashionista feel valued and validated.

Kids must be 17 or younger, and be willing to try new equipment kids ski bootand clothing, agree to have their photos taken in the gear, and provide feedback – a sentence or two on what they think about the skis, jacket or sled that they got to demo. Your child’s photos and their feedback will be posted on for all to see.

It’s a win win opportunity since manufacturers like Rossignol, Fera and Obermeyer get their products tested in a real application without having to create some expensive demo situation. Kids get to sample ski gear and feel like their opinions matter in the world of manufacturing and product design.

Sunday RiverNow, this will not replace your need for ski equipment. And you can’t be certain what you will get and when, or whether you get to keep the gear (each manufacturer has a different policy). But it’s like Christmas when a package arrives in the mail for the little person in your house.

To get in on this gig, you need to sign up for the newsletter, then you can review the available products and respond with why your ripper would make a good tester for a certain product to be selected. It’s free and it’s fun.

My kids are big now, but they still remember fondly their rippin rider days. They felt like VIP’s -very important product-testers.

To sign up, go to Rippin Riders where you will find more details. One more thing, enjoy your rippers while they are still little.

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