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Start Your Ski Season Right

It’s that time of year, when anticipation for the alpine season is palpable. In our house, we start “waxing” for ski season as soon as the leaves come off the trees. Here are tisp to prepare for ski season, and heat up the ski fever in your family:

1. Pull the ski gear from the basement. We do this in late September.

2. Have the kids try on their ski boots in the living room, even with no snow in sight.

3. Orchestrate a fall fashion show where everyone put on their ski outfits from last year. Make it fun by encouraging the kids to strut their stuff around the house in full winter wear, even goggles and gloves. It should be fun, but the goal is to be sure nothing is too tight, when the forecast turns white. You ill have time to hit local ski swaps and sales before snow flies.

4. Do wall sits each morning while you wait for your hot oatmeal or  hot cocoa to heat up. Its time to get fit for skiing. Bike, hike, squats, the whole family should do ski exercises daily.

5. Tell the kids to “be really good” in case Santa is checking his list for new skis.

6. Mount snow tires and ski racks, long before the first snow so you are ready to go.

7. Reserve that first ski trip, go online then call for the best deal

8. Set your internet browser to and sign up for snow mail from your favorite ski resort for deals and dumps.

9. Tell the kids to wear their long underwear turned inside out and make a wish that school will be cancelled. #SnowDay

10. Plan a
family ski movie night. Get tickets for the new Warren Miller movie premier where free lift tickets are often a door prize or rent a ski movie classic from Greg Stump.

While “ski fever” is highly contagious, even infectious - it is also totally treatable. All it takes is an injection of snow fun, available soon at a resort near you. So enjoy the excitement as you make your preparations and plans for your family’s
first tracks of the season.

All Stories by Heather Burke
All Photography by Greg Burke

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