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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Bermuda

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Bermuda is an idyllic island, romantic pink beaches, gorgeous scenery of turquoise blue water splashing against dramatic coral cliffs and caves. Still haven’t been to Bermuda? Need more reasons to visit this proximate paradise? Here are 10:

1. Bermuda is just a two hour flight from Boston (much closer than the Caribbean), and Delta and JetBlue occasionally have deals for about $200 round trip (plus tax etc.).

2. Since Bermuda shares the latitude of Myrtle Beach, it’s milder in temperature in August and September than Florida or the Caribbean, averaging 78-85°F each day with a delightful breeze.

3. The national drink is the “Dark ‘n Stormy” with Bermudian dark rum and ginger beer, but the weather is typically bright and sunny – making it an ironic island elixir.

Bermuda's best beach4. Bermuda is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Explore the picture perfect Horseshoe Beach. The long stretch of pinkish sand leads to captivating coral caves and secluded seductive beaches. All you need is your swimsuit, SPF, and your sweetie (okay – also your camera).

5. Scooter around the island (heads up, narrow roads), sail or snorkel, or just enjoy the soft sand between your toes with a rum swizzle in hand. There’s plenty to do on the 22-mile long island, or do nothing at all.

Bermuda Hamilton Princess6. Take your pick of pink hotels. Bermuda is blessed with two four-diamond Fairmont Hotels, The Hamilton Princess has a grand history (1885) and a cosmopolitan setting in the heart of Bermuda’s capital, while The Fairmont Southampton Bermuda is a self contained regal resort with the best beach club and golf. Both Hotels have water views, fine dining, pools and spas.

Bermuda Southampton7. Bermudan take great pride in their island and 400 years of history. Men still wear Bermuda shorts in bright colors with dark socks and loafers, and Chefs serve traditional Bermudan dishes like Fish Chowder with Gosling rum - yum!

8. Bask in British finery on this fabled island. Bermuda celebrates such classy traditions as High Tea with white glove service and lavish treats each afternoon. 

Gibb's Hill Lighthouse9. For $2.50 (the best deal on Bermuda), climb the oldest cast-iron lighthouse in the world. The 1844 Gibb’s Lighthouse is the highest point on Bermuda, where 185-stairs earns you a view of the entire archipelago.

10. Bermuda feels safer, and more sophisticated than most Caribbean islands, but there is a similar relaxed island attitude at places like the Pickled Onion. Natives Bermudians, nicknamed “onions,” like their rum and their nightlife.

That should be enough reasons to extend your summer season with a trip to Bermuda.

Bermuda is a quick, classy getaway for New Englanders. You will encounter sun, truly pink sand (created by the crushed coral), and you will be treated like royalty.
 Bermuda Hamilton

If You Go, Where to Stay:

Fairmont Hamilton Princess
Fairmont Southampton Bermuda


Bermuda| BVI l Cruises | Florida | S. Carolina | California | Maine | Italy | Ireland l Portugal