Tips for Visiting Siena Italy

Italy is by far the most fun and friendly to visit of all the European countries. The people are beautiful, the food is legendary, the wine flows freely and cheap, and the wealth of sightseeing in this small country is extraordinary. Italy is the 23rd largest country in the world by population, and the 72nd largest by area – about the size of New England in the US. Tuscany is the heart of Italy and Siena is one of the most amazing historic cities to visit for a night on a girls getaway to Italy.

Siena – Must See and Where to Eat on a Trip to Siena Italia:

Must see in Siena

siena-duomo-churchSiena is a super cool Italian town on a hill in the heart of Tuscany, dating back to Etruscan and Roman times, ideal for a one night stop on your way to the west coast of Italy. You can walk to everything in this circular city.

The Piazza del Campo is the heart of Siena’s sienna-colored village of brick and tile and marble, see the Torre del Mangia – the Mangia Tower, and Santa Maria Church located in the beautiful center, with sloping brick panels.

Admire the Fonte Gaia (“Fountain of Joy“) of 1419 here, where the annual Palio di Siena horse race is held in July. You can just imagine the chaos and commotion when 17 horses race around this city arena.

Visit Siena’s 1380 Cathedral and be sure to get a ticket that includes the rooftop archway tower for amazing views and photos.

Siena-wine-list-giudorucciRestaurant Guidoriccio is splendidly local with delicious Tuscan food – rabbit pappardelle for example.

After dinner, grab a cappuccino or a vino at an outdoor cafe in the Piazza Del Campo to watch the “passegiata” ~ the passage of people as they stroll their beautiful city of Siena in the evening. Its another simple but sophisticated Italian pleasure – La Dolce Vita.

Stay at Hotel Athena – a four star Siena hotel with a splendid rooftop terrace, just watch out for the pigeons that want your apertivo snacks.

Siena is a great stop over for one night on your way between Florence and The Cinque Terre, or while exploring the countryside of Tuscany.

Leaving Siena, heading towards the beautiful Italian Riviera, the Cinque Terre, you can detour twenty minutes to Pisa – stop here for a selfie of the Leaning Tower and Duomo in the Field of Miracles if you must… but don’t hang out (too many tourists and tacky vendors) and don’t bother spending the night. Pisa is rather industrial, not the best of Italy.

For a girls getaway, or a family visit to Siena, we recommend one night, also we highly recommend visiting Tuscany, Florence, and the Cinque Terre in your Italian trip.

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