Zillertal Valley

Zillertal Valley Skiing – Hochzillertal-Hochfugen-Speiljoch, Zillertal Arena, Mountopolis Mayrhofen, Hintertux Glacier

Zillertal Valley Ski Stats:
Elevation: 580 m – 2500 m, 1,902′ -8,202′.
Vertical: 1920 m, 6,300′
Lifts: 180
Trails: 544 km of prepared pistes – plus unlimited off-piste adventures
80 Huts with Austrian on mountain dining chalets and restaurants

Just 35 minutes east of Innsbruck and 50 Minutes west of Kitzbuhel is this popular ski valley.

Spieljoch Fugen is the first ski area as you head up the valley. “Spieljoch Fugen” is often referred to as “Spieljoch” and is located in the village of Fugen.

Hochzillertal and Hochfugen are the next 2 ski areas in the Valley and you can ski between these 2 vast ski areas utilizing the Zillertal Shuttle lift. Hochzillertal is also referred to as Kaltenbach as that is the valley town where ski lifts emanate. Hochfugen ski area starts in the town of Hochfugen.

You cannot ski from Spieljoch to Hochzillertal or Hochfugen but these 3 are often listed as one ski area Hochzillertal-Hochfugen-Spieljoch. Hochzillertal and Kaltenbach are marketed as “Ski Optimal Hochzillertal – Kaltenbach.” Spieljoch is connected to Hochzillertal/Hochfugen by a free bus.

These first 3 Ski Areas in the valley were marketed as “Zillertal First” as they are the first ski areas you encounter heading up the vast Zillertal Valley. The “Zillertal First” region has been rebranded as “Best of Zillertal” (but we think the “best” of Zillertal is further up the valley).

Zillertal Arena is 10 minutes past Kaltenbach (aka Hochzillertal) – the next major complex of ski lifts. This is the largest ski area in the Zillertal valley emanating out of the towns of Zell am Ziller, Gerlos and Konigsleiten. You can ski from Zell am Ziller to Gerlos to Konigsleiten which would be a 30 – 40 minute drive. Zillertal Arena has 163 kilometers of piste and 50 lifts that can transport 76,000 people per hour!

Zillertal 3000 is a combination of 2 different ski resorts, Mayrhofner Bergbahnen and Hintertux Glacier. The “3000” in “Zillertal 3000” indicates Hintertux Glacier elevation at over 3000 Meters high, 9,800′. Most recently the region has changed its tagline to: “Ski & Glacier World Zillertal 3000 – Tux-Finkenberg.” Yes, it is confusing. Zillertal 3000 all combined has 142 kilometers of pistes and 60 lifts.

Mayrhofner Bergbahnen includes 5 skiing areas in one … Ahorn, Penken, Finkenberg, Rastkogel and Eggalm. Penken Ahorn has 5 lifts and 10km of trails which sit alone on the other side of the town of Mayrhofen. Finkenberg, Rastkogel and Eggalm are all interconnected with lifts and trails that you can ski out of the villages of Mayrhofen, Finkenberg, Tux Lanersbach, Tux Vorderlanesbach or Hippach. Most recently this ski region now promotes itself as “Mountopolis Mayrhofen.”

Had enough names yet? Confused? Because we sure have been! Let’s just go ski!

Hintertux Glacier ski area is at the end of the Valley, 50 minutes from the beginning – at Spieljoch . With skiing from 3,250 M, with 21 lifts, this glacial ski resort offers 60 km of trails and numerous Freeride routes, plus a sub subterranean ice cave and boat ride inside the crevasses of the glacier at 3,100M.

Zillertal Valley Austria

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