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Month: March 2015

7th Dumont Cup at Sunday River – Bobby Brown wins

sunday-river-chondolaThe sun came out and the skiers went big this weekend at Sunday River’s 7th Annual Dumont Cup. This pro-am event that began humbly in 2008 soon became the greatest free skiing throw down show down in the East, arguably comparable to Aspen’s Winter X Games at Buttermilk since all the top free skiers show up and blow up, competing in Slopestyle against rising talents on Maine’s slopes where the host, Bethel-native Simon Dumont, learned his tricks.

Until 2016, the Dumont Cup was awesome. Featuring back-to-back X Games Gold Medalist Bobby Brown from Colorado who took first place and the cash purse of $7,500 at the 7th annual event, an final Dumont Cup. Filling the podium Silver and Bronze spots were amateur Teal Harle from Canada and X Games Medalist from the UK James Woods. Nine pros and 74 amateur skiers competed in the two-day Dumont Cup before big crowds and their host – 10-time X Games Medalist Simon Dumont who designed the six rail, three jump course on T72 – Sunday River’s 15-acre terrain trail. The field of free skiers included Olympian Joss Christensen and Alex Schlopy – both past Dumont Cup podium winners.

1_sunday_riverThe 7th annual Dumont Cup was also the last, lucky seven, over and out. Simon is more into photography and traveling these days than hosting his own free ski event in which he no longer skis as he pushed 30, a godfather in free ski years.

If you missed the Dumont Cup at Sunday River – well you missed it! You can go ski Sunday River’s T72, an entire trail dedicated to terrain park jumps, rails, quarter pipes and tricks designed by Simon Dumont himself.

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Ski Slang for Parents – Know your Kids Steezy Code

obsession-2ski (3) Here’s a Glossary for “Groms” – that’s code for beginner skier in the terrain park.  Your guide to speaking ski steez with your kids on the slopes…

If your skiing or riding is “sick,” consider it a compliment.

If your kids says “I’m down with that,” that doesn’t mean they’ve fallen. Quite the contrary, this means “I’m game.” Example: “I’m down with going skiing today,” means pack up the car, let’s do this.

Don’t be a “Joey” No offense to kids named Joey, but this idiom implies you are super awkward on the slopes. Joeys carry their skis crisscrossed, poles sticking out, unzipped, un-stylish, un-cool.

In Canada skiing lingo a joey is a  “punter” and occasionally a “gaper

A “Gaper Gap” is a noticeable space between your goggles and hat or helmet, leaving an open forehead faux-pas that’s super “awky” and amateur.

Snowcrapers, Shredders or Knuckle Draggers are snowboarders.

Two Plankers are skiers.

Knee Dippers or Pinheads are Telemark skiers.

Jibbers” are young skiers and riders chillin’ in the terrain park, jibbing (sliding the rails, taking jumps) and talking about how steez they are.

Fartbags” are old fashioned one-piece ski suits, that baggy Bogner you thought was so steezy in 1970. Ironically, your kids are going to want to borrow it along with your Nevica DayGlo anorak to make a retro ski fashion statement.

Yard Sale” is a significant wipe out where goggles, poles, skis, and personal items, are spread across the trail.

Tag Sale” includes all the aspects of a yard sale plus tagging into another object or skier/rider.

Taco” is lingo for a crash that folds your body over a terrain park rail – like a taco.

Mackerel Smack” is a hard snowboard fall, rhymes with thwack.

To “Stomp” a rail or jump is to execute it well. Say, “You stomped that bro. That was sick.”

To “Shred the Gnar” is to snowboard boldly.

Gnar and Grnarly describe big brave moves. Bode Miller’s bloody gash in his Super G suit and his tendon at Beaver Creek was “gnar” for example.

Jib, Kicker, Booter, and Money Booter are terms for jumps, the Money Booter being the biggest to cash in on. Example, “That dude made bank off that money booter.”

GoPro” is now a verb, defining the activity of videoing. Example, “Did you GoPro that sweet sesh (session) in the park?” or, “I totally GoPro’d our wreck, lol.”

Crunchy” sounds like granola, hippy-esque terminology of the 60’s, but crunchy is reinvented to mean cool and colorful as a bag of Skittles.

SPORE” is an acronym for a Special Person On Rental Equipment, easily identified by “Rental” inscribed on their helmet and skis.

Fakie” is to ride or ski backward, or “Switch” looking over your shoulder (hopefully) to see downhill.

Hope this “Sick-tionary” helps you speak steez with young jibber who has swagger. Get more family ski tips and our recommendations on the best ski resorts in the West to bring your family on ski vacation and Top Eastern ski resorts for a family ski trip.

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