Heather and Greg Burke love to ski, they have both been skiing since age 3!  This past winter they skied 45 ski days at 39 different ski areas in the Tyrol of Austria, bringing their total to 292 different ski areas around the world. Their goal is 350 next season!

Having skied most of the major ski areas in the U.S., Canada and Switzerland, their goal now is to explore more of France and Italy. They’ve also skied in Chile and Spain.

Greg is already plotting next winter’s alpine assault to ski 58 new ski areas and reach 350 different ski areas. “Next winter’s plan includes 27 new ski areas in Austria, 24 in France and 7 in Italy,” Burke proclaimed.

“We love skiing in the Rockies, Utah and Colorado in particular, since the West has the best snow quality in the world and some of the most ideal ski terrain. Unfortunately, we have become disenchanted with the mass pass sales approach most of the large North American resorts have embraced creating epic crowds,” said Greg.

“We love skiing the Alps, the scenery is stunning, the terrain is mind-blowingly vast, the alpine ambiance is classic, with cozy chalets. The Après Ski scene is so fun in delightfully historic villages, and the magic of skiing still exists,” says Heather.

This past season, the 35-year married couple purchased “Tyrol Snow Cards” valid at 90+ ski areas in Austria. The year prior they enjoyed the “Magic Pass” pass valid at 80 different ski areas, mostly in Switzerland. For January 2025, they have their sights on a “Super Ski Pass” valid at 87 Austria ski resorts (that’s 939 lifts, 2815-kilometers of terrain, 796 mountain huts and millions of acres of off-piste terrain). Next March and April, they’ll explore skiing in France and Italy, where they plan to simply purchase day tickets. “While day tickets at many ski major resorts in Colorado are now in the $299 per day range, France and Italy day tickets run between $32 to $68 per day,” Greg stated.

The Burkes ski hard, arriving at the ski lift for opening bell, skiing 25 – 30,000+ vertical feet per day, or about 30-miles. “There’s always the option not to ski each morning,” says Heather, “but I don’t want to miss a day on snow! And with our travel pace, each day brings new terrain, new adventures… and you never know till you go.”

After years in New England, the couple moved to St Augustine, Florida in 2020, the lockdown did not suit them well. “Besides, we were doing all of our skiing in the Rockies and the Alps already,” Greg stated.

The couple travels extensively, also venturing on bike tours and boat charter adventures during “non-ski season.”

In 1998 Heather and Greg started their ski review site  FamilySkiTrips.com when they were teaching their 4 and 5-year-old kids to ski. They provide reviews and photos on every ski resort they’ve personally visited on their site, along with ski tips and travel hacks. In 2016, after selling a second site – LuxurySkiTrips.com, they launched a sister travel site, TheLuxuryVacationGuide.com, where they also contribute bike and boat trip itineraries with recommendations from their first-hand adventures to encourage readers to follow either literally or just as literal observers.

The Burke’s lofty 350 ski resorts goal in 2025 is not a stopping point. With a reported 6,138 ski areas worldwide, they have no plans of slowing down. “We rode the first chair at Mt Snow in Vermont several years ago with 94-year-old Linda who told us all her ski friends were dead. We asked her what her secret was. She proclaimed, “Don’t stop. Cause when you stop, you die.” Words to live by.

The Burke’s Travel exploits can be followed on Insta, Facebook, X and of course their own websites.