Media Kit

Media Kit –

Award Winning Journalist – “Excellence in Snowsports Coverage”
“Top 100 ski industry people to follow.”
– Freeskier Magazine

Heather receiving her “Excellence in Snowsports Journalism” award in Boston November 2018

We are Heather and Greg Burke – respected ski journalist/photographer team.  We have been professional Travel Journalists for over 25 years. Heather was the weekly Ski Columnist for Maine’s Largest Newspaper for 11 years and wrote for the Boston Globe’s Blog for 10 years.  Today, our media outlets includes, The and, plus our stories are often published in numerous  magazines, newspapers like Forbes Travel Guide, Ski Area Management, MarinaLife, Beau Monde, Boston Globe,, and more.

We travel, ski, and are published extensively. Heather writes, Greg photographs and videos, capturing our adventures in imagery. We share our ski travel with our significant readership and followers. Our brand is active, passionate pursuit of skiing and travel – about being stylish and social from first chair to après ski. We are ski lifestyle influencers, with a social media engagement of over 100,000 per month!

Heather is an award winning ski journalist, having received the 2018 “Excellence in Snowsports Coverage” award from NASJA, North American SnowsportS Journalism Association, in addition to other awards. Heather has been named by Freeskier Magazine’s “Top 100 ski industry people to follow.” She’s been called the “Rick Steve’s of skiing.” Heather is chief content editor of our sites, and a prolific ski writer to numerous outlets. See testimonials from industry peers and travel hosts.

Greg is a nationally acclaimed photojournalist and videographer, and a web master, chief SEO manager of our sites. Greg is also our travel coordinator and trip planner, assuring we maximize editorial results from our travel time during our media visits for the best resulting story material in our guaranteed coverage.

We travel to dozens of unique ski resorts each season – East, West, Canada and the Alps. Our travel hosts and partners are assured extensive media coverage on our 3 sites (our 2 sites’ metrics are on this page, plus, and social media outreach. Our travel articles are promptly placed and featured within days of our resort visits and prominently displayed on our well-visited sites for years to come, often with authoritative links to our host resorts and properties. Host Testimonials

Metrics & Demographics:

Annual Visitors:  167,050
Page Views:       1,123,394
Hits:                   7,391,609

Female                  57.8%
Male                      42.2%

Married:              72%
Single:                   28%

Age Demographics:
18 – 24                   5.72%
25 – 34                   24.78%
35 – 44                   31.36%
45 – 54                   22.50%
55 – 64                   10.40%
65+                         5.24%

Homeowner:   82%
Rent:                  18%

Net Worth:
$1 – 99,999                               17%
$100,0000 – $1,000,000      44%
$1,000,000 – $1999,999       11%
$2,000,000+                            19%

United States         82.67%
Canada                      4.38%
United Kingdom      2.20%
Australia                    1.15%
Germany                   .55%
Switzerland               .59%
France                       .54%
Sweden/Norway      .47%
Italy                           .27%
Spain                           .25%

Professionals:                    52%
White Collar:                      19%
Homemaker:                     14%
Heath Services:                14%
Management:                   13%
Sales and Marketing:      13%


Followers:           1,228
Post Reach:        4,100
Engagement:     2,500

Twitter  –
Followers:                  2,255
Impressions:           5,000+

Followers:                         812
Weekly Reach:                7,700
Audience:  majority age 25-64, female 52%, male 48%

Followers:               1,090
Reach:                      7,800 monthly viewers
Image Boards:        58

Followers:           735
Post Reach:        3,400
Engagement:     1,600
63% women, 37% men, majority age  43% 35-64

Likes:                         255
Impressions:            150-500

Instagram –
Followers:                           765
Weekly Reach:                  2,100
Audience:  majority age 25-64, female 52%, male 48%


About Us

Heather’s Excellence in Snowsports Coverage award with friend/colleague Bonnie MacPherson of Okemo Mountain.

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Travel Journalist – Heather: 207-608-2539

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Travel Photographer – Greg: 207-468-5959

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