Romantic skiing tips

We are big fans of family ski trips, but sometimes you need an exclusive couples getaways. There are some fantastic ski resorts and slopeside inns that are best saved for a romantic retreat.

Picture first tracks, scenic lunch spots for mountaintop dining, après ski, a hot tub, a crackling fire and hot toddies.

Top 10 Reasons for a Romantic Ski Trip:
1. The kids need to bond with their Grandparents, Aunt/Uncle, (fill in the blank caregiver).

2. Imagine an entire car ride with no one saying “are we there yet?”

3. Kids should learn the joys of sledding in the backyard, which they miss if you spoil them with skiing every weekend.

4. You will save money on lifts, lodging, meals, when it’s just the two of you.

5. You will find it easier to make first tracks, only two to keep track of.

6. Ski the runs you want to for a change without a whole family discussion.

7. When’s the last time you had a real date? A ski date is even better.

8. You can actually enjoy après ski.

9. The parental guilt will subside after a few gorgeous glade runs and a Jacuzzi.

10. The kids will appreciate your next family ski trip more.

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