Top Skis For Women 2017-2018

We Ski Editors remember when women’s skis were just pink. Today, women who rip have a roster of great custom designed skis to chose from, for various conditions, groomed to powder, to ski styles and preference, stiff to forgiving. If only men were … lets get back to ski testing. Our favorite women’s skis for 2018 season, and our Top Men’s Skis.

Top Women’s Skis for Groomed Snow

Volkl Flair 81 just may bump out our favorite Blizzard Viva this season. This Volkl front side carver, in year two after replacing Volkl’s Yumi, is smooth, quick but still strong on edge. Behold the new little black dress of women’s groomer skis, with a hint of turquoise.

Head Total Joy is all white, and all right. Strong but light, very versatile at 85mm, making it a Total Joy to ski. We feel like Lindsey Vonn during her victory lap on these fun skis.

Atomic’s Cloud 12 gets an 8, and we once adored atomic. This new ski is fast and grippy zippy on hard snow, read: not for cream puffs. It is a sophisticated lack- stealth.

Women’s Best All Mountain Skis

Blizzard Black Pearl 88 is our perennial fave, a perfect mid-sized ski that’s versatile for varying conditions. Your Pearls are smooth but substantial, ready for groomed, powder or mixed snow. We have loved the Black Pearl since it was first introduced in 2012, now the Blizzard Black Pearl is blue and purple. Blizzard Black Pearl 98 is a bigger beefier ski for all moutnain conditions.

Nordica’s Santa Ana not just another pretty in pink ski, though shout out to the graphic artist, these wild sounding skis are super fun to ski in all conditions, in 93mm, the sister ski to the award winning men’s Nordica Enforcer has eco-friendly balsa wood keeping it light but strong – like Irish spring. Bring on those Santa Ana storms, also available in the Santa Ana 110 for big snow.

Rossignol Temptation 88 HD this season makes some minor tweaks,  its lighter and more carv-a-licious, still a great front side ski for confident women.

HEAD Wild Joy is just that for females. Head’s lightwood core with graphene (a thin carbon layer) keeps this 90mm ski solid but supple – a joy to ski, slender “wilder” sister to the Big Joy at 110mm.

Armada Trace 98 is a great new ski, fun but rather fierce and stable when you need power on packed powder or groomed.

Atomic Vantage 95 C we’ll have to try again, we were not wowed last year, but we’re willing to give the new graphics and improved construction ski another turn.

Women’s Wide All Mountain Powder Skis

Volkl 90Eight is a strong girls’ ski (with 3D Ridge technology) great for mixed snow -rocker for that forgiving float in deeper snow combined with Volkl’s legendary edginess.

Nordica’s Santa Anna 100 is floaty but serious when it comes to plowing through crud or pow. A better ski design than last year’s Rossi Temptation 100 for ladies which was a master of none.

Atomic Backland FR 109 is forgiving, fun and pretty in pink, but also quick and substantive. Welcome back to your A Game Atomics more than words – word.

Blizzard Sheeva is for the strong powder skiing Sheila’s who wants to surf deep snow on steeps and bust through crust without dropping a bra strap. The Sheeva 10 at 102mm is rather ideal, light but reliable. The graphics are turquoise and pretty terrific too.

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