Ski Outfit Fashion Tips

“What matches hot pink ski pants?” my husband asks.

“Everything and anything,” replies our daughter Aspen. “There are no ski fashion rules anymore. It’s not about matching; it’s about making your own style statement.”

My daughter insisted upon buying hot pink ski pants, but now she needs a  ski jacket to match (or not – given the new style rules or lack thereof).

My daughter continues, “Oh, btw, there are still rules for you and Dad. You can’t wear fluorescent green or hot pink. OK?”

It’s that time of year. Our family of skiers gets in shape, and preps our ski gear for winter. Each family member prioritizes and picks their one new item (necessity or nicety depending upon how much growth or wear and tear has occurred since last winter).

For our son, its all about the hardware – shiny new ski gear. We have the opportunity to demo skis at Stratton each February and test next year’s gear. Then we find last year’s models on sale.

Our daughter, however, is all about the ski outfit.

The Proper Ski Outfit starts from the inside out. Nothing keeps you protected like technical fabric base layers tops and leggings, in fun festive colors. If its forecast for wicked cold, a layer with merino wool, moisture wicking is ideal for skiing to après ski.

Ski socks are key, not cotton or nylon, but SmartWool Ski Sox that the U.S. Ski Team wears.

For outer layers, I love bright colors to find my family easily ont eh slopes, and for the best photos on snow. Wear good technical waterproof insulated fabric in your ski jacket and ski pants – combining fashion, fit and function

Smith IO Goggles or Spy are the best ski goggles. The big lens provides super peripheral and snow definition from flat light to full sun, and they look coolwith their reflective crystal rose finish.

A neck warmer is like Turtlefur made in Vermont or a Balaclavas for full face protection is importatant on windy sleety snowy days. Skida makes lighter weight stylish face protection from wind and cold, and sun – is also made in Vermont!

If your hands get  cold even in quality lather mittens, a pair of HotHands disposable hand warmers are a buck a day pack a day savior.

Your Ski /Snowboard Boot Bag Checklist:
Ski or Snowboard Boots
Ski Pants for colder days, Wind Pants for spring ski days
Ski Jacket for wintry conditions, Windbreaker/Shell for warm ski days
Base Layer/Long Underwear
Midlayer of Fleece or Wool
Proper Pair of Merino Wool Ski Socks (we love SmartSocks)
Helmet/Hat, Neck warmer/Balaclava/Facemask
Goggles and Sunglasses in their protective cases
Leather Gloves/Mittens /Disposable Hand Warmer Packets

Dress properly and be ready for any weather and family fun on skis!  And don’t worry is your ski jacket doesn’t match your hot pink pants, just bring your best ski style and a smile. Se our guide on How to Pack for a Ski Trip!