Skiing in Idaho

Idaho is not a headliner for western skiing like Colorado and Utah. As the license plate indicates, Idaho is more about famous potatoes. Our Idaho family ski trips have revealed that Idaho is not just the origin of skiing; it is skiing in its essence.

Idaho has 18 ski areas, from lesser known family resorts like Bogus Basin, Soldier and Silver to world class resorts like the famous Sun Valley and Schweitzer.

Our family editors have explored Idaho’s major ski resorts and a few secret stashes, Sun Valley, Brundage, Bogus Basin, Soldier and Tamarack in a Ski Idaho Iditarod. We gave big thumbs up to the potato-growing, powder snow state where the chairlift and the ski vacation week originated in the late 1930’s. We have also skied northern Idaho’s Schweitzer, Silver, Lookout Pass near Coeur D’Alene and the Montana border. Idaho should be on every skier’s map – but it’s not. You will find wide open slopes, un-crowded mountains and spectacular scenery that goes on for miles, from Oregon to Wyoming and Washington, with sweeping views into Canada.

Besides skiing, you can go cat skiing at Brundage or snowmobiling in Idaho is also a wonderful way to explore Idaho’s beauty in winter. You will also find Idaho people are as warm as the ski slopes come spring time, and as genuine as the fresh water lakes and rivers that grace the mountainous state.