Top 10 Reasons to Ski!

People ask me why I ski, why I would go out in the blistering cold, spend serious dough to risk injury on snow?

Here are my top 10 reasons to ski:

  1. Winter is the longest season – particularly in New England, the Rocky Mountains, Canada, and The Alps of Europe. A sure cure for Cabin Fever is a day on the snowy slopes. Of course, then you risk getting powder flu which is highly contagious.
  2. Most people look better in a ski suit than a swim suit. You can hide your butt in a Bogner – same can’t be said for a bikini or boy trunks.
  3. Skiing takes you to new heights – literally. Chairlifts deliver a bird’s eye view of our beautiful mountains – and no hiking! See the Top Ski Resorts in the World!
  4. Unlike mountain biking, hiking and swimming, snow is very clean on contact – I am not a big fan of filthy sports, mountain biking, that cake you in mud or mess up your hair.
  5. Skiing is a tremendous calorie burner! Its great physical activity, consuming up to 700 calories an hour – that beats a jog on hard asphalt in my book. Its aerobic, cardio, calisthenic, strength training and good for your mental health – all combined. See our How to get ski fit guide.
  6. Skiing can be enjoyed with friends and family. You can’t play soccer with Grandma – what if you kick her in the shin by mistake? Basketball with my son is no fun – but skiing with my mom and my boy is a multi-generational good time.
  7. Skiing is a lifetime sport. Klaus Obermeyer, Warren Miller, Penny Pitou, Stein Erickson – all amazing ski athletes that have been doing what they love best for over six decades! You can even ski your age in days! Plus, the later in life you ski- the cheaper the lift passes get!
  8. Skiing is a great sport to meet people, particularly the opposite sex. Name another activity that allows you to shout “Single” in the line and potentially find a match. And then there’s après ski.
  9. Skiing has no limits, only endless possibilities for travel and discovery from small volunteer run recreational hills to high Alps with untouched powder fields and helicopter accessed first descents.
  10. You can’t après ski until you have skied…