Balsams Resort

The Balsams Resort in northern New Hampshire is reputed for its secluded setting, time-honored service, and extravagance. Its also known as the first voting place of record in the US during the NH Currently The Balsams Resort is closed Les Otten has unveiled plans to revive the hotel, provide luxury ownership, and expand the ski area to 2,200 acres with 22 lifts including a gondola. We will have a review of the new improved Balsams Resort as soon as it reopens, closed since 2011. We are hopeful that this grand NH ski hotel is restored and revitalized, and Dixville Notch locals are employed again at this once posh hotel and ski area.

The Balsams we have always loved is not only a great setting with a grand hotel built in 1866, but offers great downhill and Nordic skiing- a veritable private winter ski resort with trails enjoyed exclusively by the fortunate few guests. The skiing in this northern New Hampshire notch is a big bonus – and a great way to work up an appetite for each night’s gala buffet in the Main Dining Room. Otten is proposing to make the Balsams Resort the biggest ski resort in New England. Check back for our review of the Balsam’s new ownership soon.